In less than 60 seconds, you can now create, label and submit your own 360°panorama (pano) with the totally free TourWrist iOS app. If you haven’t done so already, download THE FREE TOURWRIST APP (updated to version 2.3.5) — available in the iTunes App Store, and register for a totally free account here. Watch THIS DEMO to see the TourWrist photography feature in action. And for a broader understanding of what the platform has to offer, check out our OVERVIEW VIDEO.



This professionally–proven equipment is everything you need to create beautiful tours. If you already own some of these items, you can probably save money by complimenting your existing setup with the missing pieces. If you’re new to panoramic photography though, you can ORDER THIS KIT from our partner, Nodal Ninja.



We’re problem–solvers, passionate creatives and card–carrying geeks. We love what we do because we make life easier, and the world a little more interesting. With prior experience from geo–spatial, advertising, and panoramic photo industries, ours is a team of over-caffeinated, under–aged pioneers. Together, we’re forging ahead with a best–in–class platform that will change the way people capture, post, store, search for, view and share locations. If you’d like to chat, have a job inquiry, or want to meet up in the city, SEND US A NOTE!



Is it really free?!
Yes, creating, publishing, hosting, and sharing panos via TourWrist is completely free.

I’ve signed up, but can’t sign in because I didn’t get an activation email. Where is it?
Some users have encountered an issue with the previous release of our app, which led to their accounts not being activated. This has since been resolved in TourWrist 2.3. If you believe you may be one of these users, please register again, using the form to the right (and sorry for the inconvenience).

How do I keep the app from crashing?
Smartphone apps use RAM, which is a special type of memory, to function. When too many apps are open, there may not be enough RAM for an app like TourWrist to handle complex tasks. Try closing some of your other currently–running apps by double–tapping your home button and then holding your finger down on an app icon until a red, delete icon appears. Tapping the red icon will simply close (not delete) the app. You can also restart your phone.

Why are all of panos I’m viewing now completely white?
Much like when the app crashes, a white screen suggests you’re out of RAM. Try one of the remedies listed above to avoid crashing.

What if I don’t have an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S?
While TourWrist viewing is enabled on many devices (tablets, smartphones, and computers), the iPhone 4 and 4S are the first devices we’ve tailored the photography feature for. Soon we will make this feature available for iPad 2 users as well. Of course, if you’re looking for other photography solutions, check out the App–Based, One–Shot and Professional Photography resources we’ve linked to at the top of this page.

What if I’m encountering an issue not listed in these FAQs?
Please email us at so that we can help.

Why can’t I view the category options?
Your category options are downloaded from our server when you access the upload screen (to make sure that you have access to the latest options). So if your internet connection is spotty or out, you will not be able to view (and therefore choose from) the available categories and sub–categories.

Why won’t my pano upload?
Uploading takes a while, and if your internet connection is slow, there may not be much evidence of progress for several minutes. If however, your attempt times out, please check to confirm that you have an active internet connection. If you’re connected via 3G, please try moving to an area that may have a better connection. Even if you have multiple bars of 3G service, it’s still possible to have a spotty connection which may affect your ability to upload. You will likely have better success if you try again later or from a different location. If you’re connected to a wifi network and are experiencing issues, please make sure that you’re logged in and can view other web pages, as being connected and being able to send and receive data aren’t always the same thing. You may also want to rule out your internet service and modem/router as possible culprits behind a poor internet connection.